Title: The Reflection Effect in Interacting Binaries or in Planet-Star Systems
Authors: J. Budaj
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Description: A new model of the reflection effect was elaborated. Model describes the shape, surface temperature distribution, lightcurves and spectra of a strongly irradiated stellar or substellar object. Our model takes into account the reflection (scattering), heating, and heat redistribution over the surface of the irradiated object, limb and gravity darkening, orbital revolution and rotation of the exoplanet with appropriate Doppler shifts for the scattered and thermal radiation. Subsequently, the model was applied to an extreme case of "interacting binaries" -extrasolar planets. It was discovered that some of the 78 currently know transiting exoplanets have significant departures from the spherical shape. It was found that HD189733b has a low Bond albedo and intense heat redistribution, while WASP-19b has a low Bond albedo and low heat redistribution.
Reference: The Astronomical Journal 141, 59 (2011)
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